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Radio advertising

Radio advertising

South Africa

Tune into new customers

Everyone loves radio. Music. Competitions. Talk. Commerce. It engages its listeners, interacts with them, and forms strong, emotional bonds. Use radio well, and it’ll help grow your business.

Radio advertising South Africa

We’re South Africa’s leading specialist radio advertising agency.

Do one thing and do it well. We do radio ads.


We offer everything you need to run effective and stand-out radio campaigns, advertising spots, digital solutions, endorsements, live reads, and sponsorships.

Media strategies, scripts, translations, direction, production, schedules,

and airing.

We handle all these details, so you don’t have to, leaving you to focus on running your business well.


Our radio advertising agency is based in Johannesburg, but we service clients and radio stations across South Africa.


We are also fully capable of working remotely, both in dealing with our clients and producing our radio adverts.


So, grow your business today. Use the power of radio advertising.

Radio advertising

Hello! We’re the face behind

Face for Radio.

Shhh… Can you hear that? That’s the sound of two hands shaking. Pleased to meet you!

We’re South Africa’s leading specialist radio advertising agency. We’re young, we’re talented, we’re hungry, we’re quick, we’re dynamic, and we have a passionate belief in the power of radio advertising.


Our offices are in Johannesburg, but we service both local and national clients, as well as deal with radio stations throughout South Africa. We have good relationships with both national and community stations.

Face for Radio was founded and is run by Stephen Pollock.

Stephen has been in advertising for 15 years. He spent most of them as a copywriter, coming up with great ideas and award-winning executions, across all media, with his favourite being radio.


As a Creative Director, Stephen broadened his role to include working with media departments to create outstanding radio media plans that would best complement the creative ideas.

Face for Radio works with a wide team of specialist partners across the whole spectrum of radio advertising needs, from strategy, to creative, to production, and buying. Our relationships with local and national broadcasters enable us to negotiate the best possible media rates.

Now you know who we are. Let us get to know you.

Radio advertising FaceForRadio
Radio advertising

Radio advertising. It’s all we do – and we do it all.


We’ll help you harness the power of radio to increase your turnover. And we’re there every step of the way - delivering the right message to the right people in the right place at the right time and on the right medium.

We build your strategy

We get to know your product or service. We research and identify your target market. We craft your single-minded message. We maximize your budget.

Radio advertising

We create your advert

We write, direct, and produce quality radio ads that cut through the clutter, resonate with your audience, and are remembered.

Radio advertising

We craft your media plan

We target your demographic. Commuting workers. Home parents. All walks of life. All over the country. And we strategise bespoke timing schedules, from drive time to bedtime.

We negotiate better media rates

We work for several brands. That gives us the purchasing power to negotiate the best possible deals from radio stations, optimising your media plans and saving you money.

Radio advertising

We supply material to the radio stations

Wherever they are. Whenever they are. National. Regional. Local. Community. Campus.

Radio advertising

We measure the results

We can help you measure the success of your campaign through analysing your brand's online activity, in-store footfall, phone enquiries, or promotional uptake. And, thanks to its low production budget, radio adverts are easy to tweak until we hit the  sweet spot.


Radio advertising portfolio. Hear for yourself.

We’re good at radio. It’s what we do. Hear for yourself how we’ve written and directed radio adverts for many brands and charities, from different industries, and from all over South Africa. And helped them succeed.

Radio advertising

Radio advertising. Turn up the reasons why.

Wherever. Whenever. Radio is your medium of choice to reach South African consumers from all walks of life, even when they’re driving.

Radio offers you the opportunity to engage one-on-one with your customer, make a meaningful bond, close a sale, and keep them coming back for more.

Radio advertising builds brands.

Show off your brand – and attract more customers. Studies show that exposure to radio advertising boosted consumers’ brand browsing by an average of 52%. That was achieved with radio taking up only 10% of the marketing budget. It’s an excellent return on investment.

Radio advertising is affordable.

Let’s talk money. Small and medium businesses often don’t have the budget or the desire to spend millions of TV advertising. The good news is, that with radio, you don’t have to. Because it’s so affordable, you can increase the frequency of your advertising and reach even more people.

Radio advertising is targeted.

Every region. Every LSM. Every race. Every gender. Every language. There’s a radio station for everyone. And radio reaches a lot more people than the internet. On an average weekday, over 40 million people in South Africa listen to the radio. It’s the most inclusive media channel available to your brand.

Radio advertising succeeds in a Covid world.

You’d think that, with more people working from home, and drivetime down, radio listenership would have suffered. The opposite is true. Radio listenership has increased between 30 and 50%. What’s more, Covid has helped radio gain a new audience, many of them younger, and many others tuning in on digital devices, and streaming.

Radio advertising is interactive.

A conversation is a two-way street. Radio, unlike most mass media, understands this, and takes advantage of it. Phone-in competitions. Venting frustrations on talk radio. Giving opinions via SMS. Radio demands to be heard and is happy to listen. It’s a great way to engage with your audience in real-time.

Radio advertising is imaginative.

Lions talking. Trains flying. Sirens singing. If you can imagine it, you can do it with sound effects. And because you aren’t showing it to your audience, it’s at a budget you’ll love. Plus it’s the best way to get your target’s imagination to meet yours.

Radio advertising is immediate.

Driving home? Reach people with a radio advert and they have the perfect opportunity to stop at the mall and buy your product. Working at the office? Lunch hour is just the right time to go meet your brand. Radio works because it is part of people’s day-to-day, accompanying them wherever they go.

Radio advertising is quick turnaround.

Did genius strike you in the middle of the night? And you came up with the perfect promotion? With radio, you can write, produce, and air that message in as little as a day or two. It’s the ideal medium for businesses to promote current events, activities and promotions.

Radio drives people online.

Hello internet. I’m radio. People love shopping online. You can research everything there, you can make purchasing decisions there, you can buy everything there. Precisely because the digital world is so crowded, radio is a great way to introduce your audience to your brand. And they’ll go to your website to find out more.

Radio advertising is intimate.

Your lips to their ears. On radio, you’re speaking directly to your audience, personally and emotionally. Who keeps your customer company when they’re driving to work? You do. Who relaxes with families at home after work? You do. And that forms a bond, between your audience and your brand.

Radio advertising is measurable.

How many people did you reach? It’s the question on any brand’s lips. With radio campaigns, you'll be able to see immediate results by measuring your web activity. Studies show that people are six times more likely to google a specific brand after hearing that brand's radio ad.

We could go on about radio advertising’s advantages, but the internet isn’t big enough.

Radio advertising
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