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Another new client for FaceForRadio

We've just finished writing, producing, and flighting a PSA radio advert for a new client, The National Film and Video Foundation. The NFVF is hugely important in the film and video industry in South Africa. It's an industry that's suffered immensely due to COVID and the associated lockdown. So, our radio ad called for applications from players in the industry to secure additional funding to create new jobs and help keep existing ones. It was good to help a deserving cause, and all involved were very happy that we made it from initial briefing to script to production to going on air on 702 and Capricorn in just ONE day! A very busy day I might add:p But we did it, we did a great job, we met the needs of our client, and it was great working with them. We look forward to working with them again:)

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