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Radio advertising in Covid-19. Advertise where the (socially distanced) crowds are.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We’re living in a new world. It’s a world that, at first glance, doesn’t offer much hope and opportunity. It’s a world that sows fear, deepens divides, and throws up challenges, both in business and our everyday lives.

So, we need someone on whom we can rely.

Radio is that someone. It’s a long-trusted media that we can enjoy safely, in the sanctuary of our homes. It’s a source of information, entertainment, community, and advertising. And, with phone-ins and talk radio, radio brings us together, all of us, even in a period of social distancing.

Look at the figures. Radio listenership is up significantly, everywhere.

You’d think that, with drivetime down, radio listenership would have suffered. The opposite is true.

We’ve seen an increase in radio listening time of between 30 and 50%.

  • 39% of Primedia listeners across their stations (947, 702, KFM and CapeTalk) said that they are listening to more radio now during lockdown. On average, they're listening to 35% more radio than usual.

  • 42% of Jacaranda FM survey respondents said they're listening to more radio than usual, with 18% listening to more radio stations than normal.

  • 45% of East Coast Radio listeners also said they're listening to more radio, with 23% listening to more stations than they usually do.

What’s more, Covid has helped radio gain a new audience of listeners, many of them younger, and many others tuning in on digital devices, and streaming.

The new appetite of brand advertising is for radio. And lunchtime is the new drivetime.

It’s obvious. The streets are emptier, and more people are working from home. People need a break, even when they’re working from home. And who better to keep them company than radio. That’s why 48% of Primedia station listeners now enjoying lunchtime listening.

Radio advertising drives people online – at a fraction of brands’ advertising budgets.

Brands are online – and they’ll stay online. They do, however, still need that broadcast push of new and existing customers to their sites, feeds, and pages. That’s where radio comes in.

Studies show that exposure to radio advertising boosted brand browsing by an average of 52%. That was achieved with radio taking up only 10% of budget.

Even better, radio's quick turnaround on production and flighting makes it the ideal place when our everyday world is so fluid.

So, advertise on radio. It’s the voice that demands to be heard.

Please give us a shout. Face for Radio would be proud to help you and your brand navigate these new, yet traditional, waters.

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